Here comes a tutorial for the old  mydata converter "V51/2015", please note that this is the old version of the cadconverter.

Open a file

Name the PCB
Setting up reference points
Import settings
Search and replace components
Check your data
Export Data
Import in Tpsys

1. open your file

Use the "open file" button and open the file that contains the XY placment data from your developers cad programm.

Some CAD programs export the comma as a dot ".", be sure that it is a ',' and be sure that the tab delimiter is an other character!
If not, you can correct this easily with MS Excel. Just import the file as txt/csv and "search and replace" all dots with a "," and save it as a ".csv" file. Sometimes Excel converts some coordinates into a date format please, check this also.

2. Name the PCB

Fill in the Name and description in the "Project Name" and " Project Description" field.

3. Set up to 3 reference points

Take 2 or 3 reference points anywhere on your board and take the coordinates of these points from your developer CAD (The best way is to look in the gerber files of your board!).
Please note: It doesn't matter where the X0 Y0 Point of your CAD data is.



Find the coordinates of the reference point in your CAD-Program and enter it in the „refpoint“ fields.


Just remember that you have to manually find/teach the reference points the first time on your machine, because the machine otherwise messes up all of your coordinates.

4. Fill in your import settings

which are:

   - the start / end line in your previus opend file.
   - set the delimiter of your file (standard is "space")
   - the tab positions of the necessary coordinates and Partnames and if the data isn't provided as a µm, then you can set a multiplier to correct them.
If you entered it press "Import"



5. Replace components with components from your machine

To use this feature please export all components from your machine and place the file as "cmp.cmp" in the same folder where the MYDATA-Cadconverter is located.

Here are some screenshots from the machine:

(X) for Export


(T) for components


Use "Crtl+A" to select all of your components!


Save the file as "cmp.cmp" and place it in the MYDATA Cad Converter directory.


search and replace

 Use this feature after you imported your data with the correct settings (X,Y,Angle)

5.1 Click on the Search and Replace Button and the "Serach and Replace Components" window opens.
5.2 Double Click on the Partname will add this component in the "Component to replace" textbox.
5.3 Click on the cmpNr or cmName on your partlist will add it to the "Replace it with this component"
      To find your component quickly you can enter a search phrase in the "filter" textbox.
5.4 Finnaly you can replace the partname you have clicked in the main window by click on the "Replace" button. Or you can replace all partnames that are similar in the main window by clicking on the "Replace all" button.


6. Check your Data

In the Datagrid you can check the imported data whether the data has been imported correctly. Here you have the option to correct it or delete unnessesary data lines.

Be sure your coordinates are in "µm" that means 2,12mm, should be: 2120 in the datagrid.

Check also your angle data: 90° means 90000 in the datagrid.

If you adjust some import settings after you imported it, click "Import" again and it will apply your new settings.

7. Export

Finaly, if you ready press "write file" and your conversion is ready to import on you mydata pick and place machine!

8. Import in TPSYS

Follow these steps on your machine:

The screenshots are unfortunately in German language, I hope you can see how the import will still work






And then follow the instructions on your machine.

Just remember that you have to manually find/teach the reference points the first time on your machine, because the machine otherwise messes up all of your coordinates.


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