Here are some informations for the setup and configuration.


1. Edit the configuration file

Edit following entrys in the "MYDATA_traceability_sync.exe.config" file.

Download path from your machine: (attention xml codes some characters like the & = "&")

            <setting name="http_download_path" serializeAs="String">

Path to the temporary download file:
            <setting name="download_filename" serializeAs="String">

            <setting name="mysqDatabaseName" serializeAs="String">

Server IP-Adress
            <setting name="mysqlServer" serializeAs="String">

SQL Username
            <setting name="mysqlUser" serializeAs="String">

SQL Password
            <setting name="mysqlPassword" serializeAs="String">

ProductionID starting char
            <setting name="ProdBatch_Startchar" serializeAs="String">

ItemID starting char
            <setting name="ItemBatch_Startchar" serializeAs="String">

Autostart: 1 starts syncing on porgramm start
            <setting name="Autostart" serializeAs="String">

Logfile path
            <setting name="logging_filename" serializeAs="String">


2. Download and install .net MYSQL drivers

Download the MYSQL ODBC Connector (V5.3 win32  works fine on Win7)

3. Create the database and table structure

You have to create the DB structure. Please use the script "tracereport.sql" on your SQL Server.


4. Create a cronjob



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