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zip0MYdata TPsys CAD converter51/2015p HOT

This MYdata CAD converter program, make it easy to programm a new pcb by importing usually available CAD data.


- Importing nearly any XY

Created 01.12.2015 19:18:23
Changed 14.01.2019 12:30:28
Version 51/2015p
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System Windows
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script1MYdata TPsys CAD converter18/2015a HOT

A new version of my MYdata CAD converter programm.
- added the possibility to save settings so you can start quickly if you have often the same starting parameters
- added a "Help"

Created 03.05.2015 08:37:12
Changed 03.12.2015 15:30:43
Version 18/2015a
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System Windows
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script2MYdata TPsys CAD converter50/2014 HOT

A new version of my MYdata CAD converter programm.
- added a graphical preview of the mount data
- added a possibility to change the mounting angle
- added the possibility to

Created 11.12.2014 20:35:34
Changed 07.05.2015 10:02:45
Version 50/2014
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System Windows
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script3MYData TPSYS CAD Converter14/2014 HOT

MYdata TPsys CAD converter

The "MYdata TPsys CAD converter" is a small universal

Created 27.05.2014 11:44:41
Changed 07.05.2015 10:02:58
Version 14/2014
Size 247.5 KB
System Windows
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